3 Reasons Why I Love My iPad 2

Now I know Apple fans (or should I say Apple disciples) can come across as arrogant and superior. All PCs are seen as inferior and Steve Jobs is referred to as the 4th person in the Trinity!

This post is not intended to be like that.

I simply have experienced the iPad as a revolutionary device that is changing the way I work and would like to share why I think it is so fantastic. I could give many more, but here are 3 reasons that stand out…

1) It just works.
Firstly, Apple products come fully charged out the box. So all I had to do was plug it in and within 30 minutes it had already synced with my MacBook and iPhone and everything was set up. All my contacts, my calendars, my email accounts, browser bookmarks, password settings, photos, music, apps – literally everything! – even my high scores on the games I play. Voila!

2) It just feels right.
The iPad 2 is small and thin. Very thin. It easily fits into a handbag (I’m obviously referring to my wife’s handbag) or can be carried in your hand. I was a bit apprehensive about the typing experience on the tablet, but I have been so surprised by how natural it feels. I can type equally as fast as on my laptop, and the hand gestures and motion controls feel so intuitive a child could pick it up. The screen is bright and beautiful, and the entire form of the device is elegant and simple – an absolute pleasure to use.

3) It’s very convenient.
Last week I attended lectures and needed to do some heavy word processing, intense web browsing, draw diagrams, modify office docs, check mail, and even edit a film. Previously I would have needed my laptop, books, bible, a power chord, my laptop bag etc etc, but this week I have simply taken my iPad in hand and it’s easily handled the whole lot! And even better, even with all this heavy use, the battery life is incredible – over 10 hours and still going strong! And no need to lug cables and chargers around with you!

Of course I could talk about many more advantages of the iPad – like the gift it is for those of us who regularly communicate, preach or present. I could talk about the thousands of applications that enhance the device and personalize it for every user. I could talk about the dream it is to read books on. But let me instead pay homage to the wise and all-powerful creator of it all.

Thank you Steve Jobs, we love you. Amen.

18 Replies to “3 Reasons Why I Love My iPad 2”

  1. I love this post. It’s so simple and straightforward and it makes me want to share the iPad experience immediately. I loved Steve Jobs, too, though of course I never met him. I bought my first Mac nearly 30 years ago. He changed all our lives. What an inspiration and what a sad loss. Yours is a great blog. Thank you so much for sharing all this.


  2. This doesn’t just apply to the iPad — it applies to the iPhone as well. Having switched to the iPhone from Android I find myself surprised how user-oriented the iPhone is over the Android. I haven’t had any issues and programs run flawlessly (and are generally easier to use). The iPhone does everything without the *need* to root and install potentially-unstable software to something simple like a screenshot.

    It’s user-focused, and takes the headaches away.


  3. This post really inspires me to save for an ipad! My husband has an iphone but I have no apple products… yet… and now an ipad sounds like a good idea πŸ™‚


  4. Having been on the receiving end of a superduper iPad this Christmas I can safely say that you hit the mark! I have always felt a bit anti-mac (maybe it was just envy bubbling away) but words can’t really express how great it feels to pick one up an iPad and play with it. And another thing, everything just *works* πŸ™‚ Well done on an awesome blog!


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