Cynical? You May Be Hurting Your Brain.

According to new research, being cynical doesn’t just make you a bummer to be around, it may also cause actual brain damage. A team of researchers at the University of Eastern Finland surveyed nearly 1,500 people – gauging their level of cynical distrust by their responses to statements such as “I think most people would lie […]

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Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Show You Your Future

I recently read an article that convinced me that in the next five years a person will become a conglomerate of the people they hang out with. Perhaps you’ve heard this before? You become over time the average of your five closest friends. The article said that more important than food and exercise, more important […]

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The Cult of Multi-Tasking

Hi my name is Tom, and I am a multi-tasker. I confess. Far too often I am so busy checking my email, writing a message, answering a text, writing down an idea (possibly at the same time) that I miss the person standing right in front of me. Sometimes I think this is part of […]

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