Parenting: When good enough is good enough.

We all want to be A+ parents, but sometimes a C- is good enough.


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The Tired Thirties

I am 32. I am tired. I am not alone. A few weeks ago I managed to get away for a “boys-only” weekend. No kids. Good surf. Lots of meat. Bliss. But one thing we all were aware of was just how exhausted we all felt. Pretty much all the time. We concluded that the decade between […]

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Parenting is not a Profession

This is a guest post by my amazing and incredibly talented wife, Jess. “Having kids is the most rewarding way to ruin your life.” I once heard a friend say this, and it makes me laugh every time. If you’re a parent, you’ll know that having kids is hard work. You never know if you’re getting it […]

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I Dropped My Boy On His Head…

Yup. It happened. But let me explain. I was playing with him on my lap on the couch and needed to get something off the dining room table. So, I placed him down on the couch with a pillow propped under his head, another by his side so he “couldn’t possibly roll off”, and his […]

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