Parenting: When good enough is good enough.

We all want to be A+ parents, but sometimes a C- is good enough.


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The Adventure of Marriage

I’ve always been fascinated with Everest. I’ve read books, watched documentaries, and followed with intrigue the stories of brave men and women who have climbed to the top of the world. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the chance (or have it in me) to summit Everest, but one of my life’s ambitions is […]

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Baby City is a Scary Place

 Oh my word. A whole new world! Jess and I had our first pre-natal class the other night and I learnt a new word – “layette”. The dictionary defines layette as “a set of clothing, linens, and sometimes toiletries for a newborn child.” Well, it seems Baby City has taken that meaning to a whole […]

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