Keep Breathing

Last weekend I competed in an event that was way out of my comfort zone. A two-day Swim-run race that included about 30km of trail-running and 3km of open-water-swimming.

The running felt good, but I quickly realised I am not much of a swimmer! Every time I hit the water others would come gliding past me. I tried doggy paddle, breaststroke, freestyle… but no matter what I tried, I felt completely out of my depth and exhausted.

Then I remembered my breathing.

As my heart rate settled and my anxiety faded, I was able to find a sustainable rhythm and make it across the dam. Thank God

As I was reflecting on this experience, I found this image by Charlie Mackesy.

It reminded me that for many people right now, with all that is going on in our world, they feel like I did in that dam. Out of their depth. Exhausted. Not sure if they can make it.
And it is into that space that God speaks from his Word:

“The Spirit of God has made me,
And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” – Job 33:4

The word for “Holy Spirit” and “breath” are the same in Hebrew. God is the very Breath of Life. The air that fills our lungs. And when we feel exhausted, He who created the heavens and the earth sustains us.

So keep breathing.

And hold on.

We are so close now.

3 Replies to “Keep Breathing”

  1. You have everything it takes to keep up with the other swimmers and more than likely glide past them in them in the near future.
    Your technique may need some adjustment, the muscle strength and fitness you have in abundance so the only thing left is technique and regular practice for a few months then you will give the other chaps gears.
    The ratio of a 30km run and 3km swim your advantage is in the run, so by just maintaining your place in the swim you will overtake the other chaps in the run.
    Next is learning to ride a bike in time trial fashion but that’s the easiest of them all.
    I will pay a R1m to be able to run long distance again and do ultra triathlons etc, but sadly technology has not advance to the extent to keep the nuts and bolts that hold several of my joints together for even a few km’s.

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