How to Fight With Family

Fight Club Part 2

Over the past few sundays our church has been running a series on family called “Fight Club”. Part one was all about fighting FOR your family, and part two was all about learning how to fight WITH your family – in a way that builds up instead of tearing down.

My wife, Jess, and I decided to tackle this one together, and shared some of our own struggles and points of conflict in our marriage, in the hope that our own vulnerability will give permission to others to be open and honest with their struggles as well. Our main point in the message was this:

Fight hard to keep your heart soft.

With three basic application points, which can be applied into any relationship:

1. Change your words, change your world.
2. Forget about fixing.
3. Pray for & pray with.

While being so vulnerable was not easy, we have been blown away by the response from so many people. People who too struggle with the same challenges and vices and insecurities. And so, having been asked by many to upload the talk, I have included a link to the talk here. May it bring healing and hope to others…

Fight Club Part 2

2 Replies to “How to Fight With Family”

  1. Jess and Tom, thank you so so much. This couldn’t have come up a better time …bringing reassurance and perspective just as I needed it most!


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