Want to Know Your Destiny? Look at Where You Apply Your Time.

Time is the most valuable asset you own.

And whether you realise it or not, how you use or don’t use your time everyday is probably going to be the best indication of where your future is going to take you. Not your dreams. Not your best intentions. But your habits.

Some people might say, “Just follow your passion” and the rest will fall into place. But that’s not entirely true. Of course passion is essential if you are to achieve your dreams, but just passion on it’s own, without good old-fashioned hard work and discipline, isn’t going to get you far.

Mark Cuban says “Don’t follow your passions, follow your effort“. He says that when you work hard at something and invest time in something, you become good at it, and when you become good at doing something, you will enjoy it even more. In other words, passion and effort must go hand-in-hand if you are to succeed. In fact, I think:

Effort plus passion is a force of nature.

And so where is your effort directed these days? How much time are you spending on the things that matter most?


9 Comments on “Want to Know Your Destiny? Look at Where You Apply Your Time.

  1. I like how you put this truth into words. This might be just what I need to re-evaluate my efforts. My biggest problem is that most of my efforts are volunteer.

  2. Good post. It’s incredibly easy to talk about following a passion / interest whilst actually doing none too much about it. Personally I’ve found a solution is to make a conscious effort to stop talking about a particular ambition – the saved energy seems to get channelled into action.

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