6 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

When I made the decision to start this blog I wasn’t at all convinced that I would stick to it, but now looking back I’m glad I did. Here’s why:

1. Blogging helps me work through and hash out my own thoughts and feeling.

Blogging has forced me to think longer and harder about all the thoughts that race through my brain. If I want to clearly communicate something to other people, then I have to clarify it for myself first.

2. Blogging makes me a better writer. 

I’ve never really considered myself a brilliant wordsmith, and still don’t, but forcing myself to blog at least once a week has helped me to improve my writing skills. The stats provided by WordPress are also an extraordinary help in knowing what topics are reaching people and what is falling flat.

3. Blogging helps me be more disciplined. 

Success in life is not a single act, but rather a daily habit. Whether you want to write a blog, get fit, or lose weight, the key is consistency. Blogging has helped me to formulate healthy routines and habits, which has spilled over into other areas of my life.

4. Blogging gives me a sense of accomplishment and perseverance.

As a fellow blogger put it,Every time something I’ve written is “liked” or commented on I get a sense of having achieved something, however small. I also get a sense of perseverance because there are days (like today) where I stare at the screen and don’t know what to write and just have to start typing anyway. Or there are days when I think I’ve written something earth shattering that will be Freshly Pressed the second I grace the world by pressing “Publish” and instead it sits there stagnate getting almost no hits and no feedback.

5. Blogging brings me closer to people.

Besides reaching friends and family who live far away, blogging has also given those around me a small window into my head. It has  helped me to make new friends, as well as connect on a deeper level with people I have known for years.

6. Blogging connects me with people and stories that I never would have encountered otherwise.

Through my blog I have also had the privilege of connecting with, and even counselling, people who live on the other side of the world, or whose path I would never have crossed without the blog. As someone who really enjoys making new connections, this has been a serendipitous delight of blogging for me.

So, why do you blog? What have you learned from putting your thought out there for the whole world to read? If you don’t blog, why not?

17 Replies to “6 Things Blogging Has Taught Me”

  1. Blogging has been good therapy for me and it has opened my eyes to get to know myself more. I have learned and evalutated how I stand on some issues. Good post!


  2. I started blogging to write, but after some discouragement earlier this year I realized that I blogged to record my life for myself to reread and to share laughter and beauty with others. Recording my life for myself really helps me a lot to show up and get it done.



  3. Thanks for sharing, no I do not blog. I could say “amen” to all you wrote . I need to jump out of fear and into faith. As I do believe God is at work in each one of lour lives, even if one does not believe it or not.


  4. I have been struggling with being consistent with blogging and have started and restarted many times. This reminded me of the things that I like about blogging. Thanks for you posts.


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