The Land Between

This sunday we started a new series at my church called “The Land Between” – looking at the Israelites forty-year journey through the desert towards the Promised Land. Reflecting on this ancient story, I realised that this “land between” was fertile ground for COMPLAINT and for STRUGGLE. But interestingly, it was also fertile ground for FAITH and for GROWTH.

So often in life, the space we despise is the place where God does some of His richest and deepest work!

Right now I am in the “land between”. So many things uncertain. So many unanswered questions. Way out of my comfort zone but not yet arrived at the destination. Perhaps you are in the same place?

But what I am absolutely convinced of is that in the midst of the struggle and the complaint, GOD IS AT WORK in amazing and unseen ways – preparing my heart, teaching me new ways, and reminding me of the things that matter most!

And so if you find yourself in the “land between” – somewhere between the person you are and the person you want to be, between the job you have and the job you want, between relationships that hurt and relationships that heal – EMBRACE IT. And start letting TRUST replace complaint, and HOPE replace despair.

9 Replies to “The Land Between”

  1. Hey Tom,
    Great post. I definitely know the feeling. A verse that I have been reading a lot is Proverbs 20:24. It says, ” The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?” (NLT)
    It’s been a good one for me. God bless.


  2. Thanks for this. I’m definitely in the land in between right now. I’m a recent college grad. To make a long story short, I accepted a job offer two months ago right after graduation to teach English in China where my best friend worked. In the process of trying to apply for my visa, the company stopped responding to my emails. I was devastated, especially because I didn’t necessarily have a plan B. I really appreciate you for posting this. It’s exactly what I needed.


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