What Makes You Come Alive?

In last week’s post I mentioned the idea of writing down a list of things that “make you come alive” – in other words, things that refresh you, inspire you, energize you, and give you a sense of joy, peace, and purpose. I wrote my own list many years ago when I was still a teenager, and while I have since added and adjusted a few things, it has basically remained the same. Here it is:

Things That Make Me Come Alive

Being in nature

Being out of my comfort zone

Climbing mountains

Doing something that really scares me

Driving alone listening to good music


Giving 100% to a task


Having a braai with mates


Leading and teaching others

Learning about God

Making a difference to someone else’s life

Playing with my son Will


Quiet time alone

Reading an inspiring book

Revealing something of God to others

Roadtrips with close friends

Seeing new places


Socialising with good friends

Spending quality time with my wife Jess

Spontaneous adventures

Stimulating conversation

Sunsets & sunrises


Swimming in the ocean

Travelling backpack style

Watching a good film

In my opinion having a list like this is important. It helps to remind me of the things I love, and becomes an anchor point in times of busyness or trouble or doubt. It forces me to prioritise space in my day and in my week to intentionally do things that I know are going to fill my tank, and give me the strength I need to face the challenges ahead.

Life has a way of emptying your bucket, and it is up to YOU (no one else) to find out how to fill that bucket again. So I guess the question is: What fills your bucket?

14 Replies to “What Makes You Come Alive?”

  1. Absolutely inspiring Tom! (And I love the picture!) I think you are very lucky to be able to understand or know what makes you come alive. Sometimes I find myself feeling alive without ever thinking that doing a certain thing could excite me so much.


  2. I should do the same… sometimes I feel so miserable because I forget to do things that can make me happy and lift me up…Gonna make the same list soon 🙂


      1. My list consists of things that I think I should do to make my life meaningful and enjoyable: Sleep well, smile, every day learn something new, read good books and watch meaningful films, eat healthy food, laugh, love, help people, work hard to achieve my goal, never give up and go forward… I think the list will change as well as my life 🙂


  3. Horses, horseback riding (dressage, hunter/jumper), a good book I can’t put down, conversation with friends, prayer, my dogs (personal and adoptable), sleeping late in the morning 🙂 – thanks for the challenge – will keep working on this!


  4. Longing for the past, looking at old photo’s of what was trying to get along everyday with life and not give up on it to much to do no mater how many thinks try to stop me i’ll move ahead staying one step ahead looking for the next day to be great, another day who knows what will happen or who might be stumbling along needing a lift up giving what i can to help others along. Will


  5. really like this tom – funny how we prioritise things that dont make us feel alive and then wonder why we feeling low in energy and motivation.


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