Why I Like Watching Idols (and Other Confessions)

I have to be totally honest with you. I love watching Idols. But here’s the catch: I only watch the first-round auditions.

Why? Because once it gets down to the top fifty or whatever I know everyone can sing, and then it’s just boring.

You see, the thing I love most about watching Idols is watching people who think they can sing but really can’t. I mean really, really can’t! That’s the real entertainment! Not the contestants who know they are awful and are just trying their luck for fun, but rather  those people who have “delusions of grandeur” – who genuinely think they have what it takes to win the competition and yet seem to have no clue how bad they really sound.

And I always ask myself, “Who encourages these people to audition?” Either they are deaf, really bad friends, or else just too nice to tell the truth! The other question I ask myself is, “How can these contestants be so deluded? Do they honestly think they can sing??” And then the answer hit me.

We are all deluded to one extent or another.

We all have blind spots. Things in our life we simply cannot see or choose not to acknowledge. We may believe we are kind, generous, helpful, fabulous etc, but if you had to ask the people around us – the people who actually live or work under the same roof as us, perhaps they would have a very different opinion. And what I’ve found in my own life is that it’s always easier to point out other people’s blind spots then it is to recognise my own.

As human beings we have an infinite capacity for self-deception.

So I guess the big the question is “What are your blind spots?” Don’t know? Well, there is only one way to find out:


Just like the Idols contestants get feedback from the judges, so too should we be open to feedback from others. Not just anybody of course, but people who love us, care for us, and who have our best interests at heart. People who are not afraid to speak the truth.

Of course receiving negative feedback is never easy. It hurts to be told you cannot sing when all this time you thought you were rocking. But at the end of the day, if we can learn to receive feedback graciously and humbly we will be better off for it.

The bible says that WISE people receive feedback gladly and are able to change, while FOOLS react defensively. Which one are you?

6 Replies to “Why I Like Watching Idols (and Other Confessions)”

  1. Great post and insight. I guess our perception of success is a mix of vision and delusion. Where we land on the vision-delusion continuum becomes a function of our attitude and intention.




  2. totally concur with you mouse:) ignorance is bliss, its hard facing the truth but God also said let what is in the dark be brought into the light. But it does break me seeing very lowly people hoping for an escape from their hardships be so let down and their hope deferred:(


  3. Whenever I ask my husband to tell me my shortcomings, he says I’m wonderful. I guess he believes it’s a trap =) Today I was thinking about the blind spots in Christians in general, we have to be critical of ourselves. I wonder how it is possible that so many Christians vote for the right, seeing the poverty and inequality it promotes (poor die before their time, so their public policies are really murder), just because they are against abortion and gays. They’ve not read the part where Jesus asks to give to Cesar what belongs to him and to God what’s his. The right uses those issues to manipulate people into voting against their best interest. We Christians shouldn’t ask for a Christian government, we should ask for a secular one, that gives everyone the right to choose a path. Making people follow our principles by law, by force, is not Godly, in my opinion. Look at Muslim States, forcing everyone into their beliefs and principles. We need to analize ourselves, do we want that?


  4. Ouch! I’m the same way about watching “Idol” and say the same thing — “They must have a Mom who never told them they can’t sing!”
    You got me — I’m probably not (I’m sure I’m not) as nice, friendly, generous, compassionate as I think I am/want to be/know I should be. Gonna swallow my pride and start asking… 😉
    I love your posts!


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