4 More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Kettlebells

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Last year I wrote an article entitled 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Kettlebells that received a lot of attention. At the time, I had only been swinging the bells for a month or so and was very much a kettlebell-rookie. But ten months later, and a couple thousand “snatches”,”lunges”,”get-ups” and “oh-my-goodness-these-are-hard-ups” under my belt, I still stand by my original statement. So here are four more reasons why kettlebells might not be for you…

1. Kettlebells are Open-Source

Lets face it – “old” fitness is dead. We’re in Web 2.0 and World 2.0. People are talking and sharing like never before, and finding out what real fitness is all about. What works spreads like a virus and what doesn’t work dies off in a few mouse clicks. And that is why Kettlebells, CrossFit and mixed-martial-arts (MMA) are thriving. Now “success” isn’t determined by how big your muscles are or how many hours you log in the gym every week. Now, fitness is about something real. Real strength. Real endurance. Real skill. Even the real ability to beat a live opponent senseless. To me, Kettlebells, CrossFit and MMA are indicators of the larger trend in our ever flattening world. And in this world the user is king and what works rules…

And so, if you’re happy with the status quo, then perhaps you shouldn’t do Kettlebells. Rather just stick with what you know and stay exactly the same – “Monday is Leg Day. Wednesday is Chest. Friday is…” 

2. Kettlebells are Unpredictable

If you like to know exactly what you’re in for at every workout, then you are definitely going to want to give Kettlebells a skip. Every workout is original and fresh. The basic principles and some of the core exercises may be the same, but the combinations are always changing, and there is always something new and challenging at every turn (or every swing I should say). If “variety is the spice of life” then Kettlebells is helluva spicy indeed, and you may be one of those people who would rather go for the “mild” option.

3. Anyone Can Swing Kettlebells

As I said in my previous article, Kettlebells are all about classes, and at Flux Motion (the gym where I train) the classes are always accessible to persons of every level of fitness. It’s simple: if you’re struggling, go down a weight, and if  you’re finding the class too easy, just grab a heavier bell. Very, very shortly (I can promise) you’ll be maxing out your heart rate and begging for mercy!

So… if you’re into exclusive VIP clubs and secret handshakes, well then Kettlebells just might be too “mainstream” for you.

4. Kettlebells Are Great For All Other Sports

Kettlebells may simply be big iron balls with a handle on top, but the thing that makes them so effective is their ability to challenge your entire body, giving you a serious overall body workout. Not only does it pack an ass-kicking aerobic component, but it has also been proven to increase flexibility, balance, agility, and joint strength. I have found that since starting ketllebells, my running and surfing strength and stamina has increased dramatically, and I’m loving it!

Of course, not everyone is as excited about this as me, because I now get more waves than the other guys in the water. So, if you’re not into sports – and getting better at them – then don’t do kettlebells!

Are kettlebells the magic fitness bullet? No! They are simply a tool. Your attitude and your willingness to put in the time and effort is what makes you fitter and stronger at the end of the day. But let me just say this – we all know the fitness industry is teeming with training gimmicks – Kettlebells isn’t one of them.

Tom Basson is a qualified Physiotherapist, and an ex-professional gymnast. He is currently involved in running Body Weight Training Workshops at Flux Motion. For more information please contact Flux here.

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    1. 🙂 hahahaha. I know what you mean. But seriously, if you are keen to try them out – i suggest going to classes. It’s the only way I can stay motivated and the bells don’t just become dusty garage accessories.