9 Replies to “Errands or Adventures?”

  1. Tom, this is a really fun topic for me because about a year or so ago I renamed the category I had called “Errands” to “Adventures”. I can’t tell you how much more fun and spontaneous my outings have become now that I look at them as opportunities to play and explore the day that God has created, versus focusing on the mundane task I have created. Here’s to more adventures for all of us!


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    I could not agree more. Actually, many adventures will not make sense to other people not only because they don’t understand them. Sometimes it is because their set of values, beliefs, experience, courage etc will not even prepare them to understand. It is possible that they will – with time – but then it will be too late…


  3. Thanks for sharing this inspiring quote! I was talking with a friend today about some deep and difficult things in my life right now and I found myself saying, “I need to trust the process, but I’m afraid to trust the process because I don’t know how the process will turn out.” This quote makes me think that if I knew how the process was going to turn out, I really wouldn’t be able to grow from it.

    “The question of getting to a particular end is a mere incident. What we call the process, God calls the End.” Oswald Chambers


  4. Dear Tom,

    You have made it to my blogroll for your attention to the craft of Storytelling through your thoughts on productivity and Christianity (and weird stuff, of course). Thank you for your reflections on the human experience.

    I love the post-it visual. What irony to use such a disposable method for reminding oneself of a deeper truth. I’ve been a fan of your writing for a while.



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