My 100th Post!

Yesterday’s blog post was my 100th post! (It was also my 30th birthday).

So in order to celebrate, I have decided to give my top commenter on the blog , Loren Pinilis, a $15 Amazon voucher as a small way of saying thank you. Well done Loren!

I would also just like to say THANK YOU to all my subscribers and followers, and every single person who has visited my site. It really has been a fun journey for me, and my hope is that something of my heart and passion for people to live life fully and intentionally has come across in my writing, and helped you in some way.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.


7 Replies to “My 100th Post!”

  1. I love to read, and do book reviews. My post today if you click it tells my story of how I started my passion two years ago. I am proud that you have 100! Congrats! I visit blogs to learn from them and how easy for me because I love to read! Have a delightful day and please stop by sometime.


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