Why Consistency is So Important

On Sunday night I had a sick feeling in my stomach.

For the first time since I started my blog in December 2010 I did not have a post scheduled to go out on monday morning. The last few weeks had run away with me, and I simply hadn’t disciplined myself to sit down and write something.

I had nothing.

But then I remembered something that made me smile:

When I made the decision to start this blog, I committed myself to writing at least one post a week. At the time I wasn’t at all convinced I would stick to it, but now looking back, I realise I have! And what’s more, I realised that because my posts are usually between four hundred and six hundred words, and this is my ninetieth post to date, I have in fact written about fifty thousand words for this blog – the equivalent of a two hundred page book!

Now, if you’d told me a year ago that I would be able to write a book in my “spare time”, on top of work, studies, family, and everything else, I would have laughed at you. And that’s when it hit me:

Success is not a single act, but rather a daily habit. Whether you want to write a book, get fit, or lose weight, the key is consistency.

So here are 10 random thoughts I had about consistency:

  1. Consistency creates momentum.
  2. Consistency is a habit that can be practiced and learnt.
  3. Consistency breeds credibility.
  4. The person who takes action every single day toward the attainment of their goal will always triumph over those who do it every once in a while. Always.
  5. Many think consistency is purely a matter of willpower, and that people who are consistent have some kind of special ability to endure. Not true.
  6. Surprisingly, doing something every day or nearly every day is actually far easier to sustain than doing it once in awhile.
  7. Motivation is not enough. A person waiting for inspiration limits achievement to times when conditions are desirable. And conditions are rarely always desirable. 
  8. Creating healthy rituals will take you further than desires and passions.
  9. Consistency will induce failure at some stage, which in turn provides valuable feedback, which ultimately leads to better results.
  10. Consistency is more about sustainability than it is about speed.

What are your thoughts on consistency? What has helped you to become more consistent?

24 Replies to “Why Consistency is So Important”

  1. Good Morning Tom ^_^ , I always loved your posts Ma Shaa Allah , why don’t you really organize them in a book ? =D like Tom’s thoughts or something 🙂

    and About Consistency , we got a popular arabic and Islamic Quote : that the best action is what is always ( consistent mostly ) even if it was less ^_^ 🙂
    that to do something small but everyday , if much better than doing something great once in your life =D

    thanks Tom 🙂


  2. This post really spoke to me. There are times when people seem motivated and others can be annoyed by your consistency…persistence is key. Thanks again! 🙂


  3. ,,saw this on my nephew leos wall,,, very positive ,, puts life in perspective,, if you have never done anything great,, yet have done small things consistently good,,Thanks for that…


  4. Awesome thoughts. Raising kids is the most act that in my opnion requires the most willpower and consistency,. Especially true about “consistency builds credibility”. Especially true when raising kids. I also love that consistency will take you further than doing things once in a while. DOing something once in a while seems like a large project at once-thus never gets completed (take me and my husband-I’d rather do things little by little every day and get something done over time, while he waits for that “special moment” to do “all at once” and never gets done anything-annoying


  5. My mom has amazing consistency. She’s accomplished things that she’d otherwise would never have mastered: swim, drive, languages, type, computing, etc.

    You can be clumsy, and slow, and untalented, but with consistency you can do anything.


  6. I believe that:
    Self-Discipline is born from being Consistent. (much like you said in #5).

    Also, you may enjoy the article in this months Men’s Journal, “The Science of Habit” by Mark Healy (p. 54) since it is in keeping with your post.

    Great post!


  7. The quote–“Wake up everyday like it’s on purpose.”

    Consistency reminds me that I am living my life on purpose with purpose–and nothing could make me any more at peace with. Myself and my life than that.


  8. Hey Tom.

    Great post. I agree with you that motivation is not enough but I have found that having a vision before me is a great motivator to being consistent. It really helps if that vision is God-provided and not self-provided (which I would rather classify as a dream). Keep up the great work.

    Here’s an aside hint to providing consistency to your blog: reblogging (but with your thoughts on what was said). Sometimes someone says something that is really worth repeating and getting others to know about it. It can save you out of a jam.

    God bless


  9. Consistency is the pathway toward accomplishing great tasks and goals. I found when I started being consistent more people started following my writing. Great thoughts.


  10. Loving the blog yet again!

    I think that through consistency, you can shatter old self-beliefs. For example, I used to believe that I was a lazy pig who didn’t ‘do’ exercise. A few years on, I’ve been consistently exercising and consistently training this year for a marathon. It took a very long time to destroy my old negative self-belief, but it’s definitely gone now!

    Similarly, I used to think I was a very shy, underconfident person who never dared do anything new. Now I consistently practise putting myself in new situations, scary or not. So now I believe I am someone who sets my mind to something and does it, someone who pushes themselves to be their best.

    One of my favourite quotes is: ‘When I forget who I am, I become who I might be’ – through consistency, you can become a brand new person!


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