10 Steps to Becoming a Better Preacher

  1. Preach
  2. Preach
  3. Preach
  4. Preach
  5. Preach
  6. Preach
  7. Preach
  8. Preach
  9. Preach
  10. Preach

In case you haven’t worked it out yet, this blog is not entirely serious. Of course there are many other ways to develop your preaching gift – reading books, studying the art of communication, having mentors coach and guide you, prayer, receiving feedback, watching yourself etc.

The point I am trying to make though is that, for the most part, developing the gift of preaching is kind of like learning to drive a car – the only way to figure it out is to keep grinding the gears and stalling until you work it out!

Malcolm Gladwell says that if you want to really shine in any field or skill, you’ve got to put in the hours… 10,000 hours in fact. So… if you have the gift of preaching, develop it to its max, and preach your heart out for the Glory of God!

Bottom line: practice, practice, practice.

6 Replies to “10 Steps to Becoming a Better Preacher”

  1. Amen, brother! I have been giving occasional sermons to a number of groups. This year I am writing at least a sermon a week, based on the portion of Torah for the week. I expect that will help me build both preaching muscle and preaching endurance. And, I know I will learn lots of lessons along the way. What are you doing to become a better preacher?


  2. Bless
    It has always been my desire to preach Gods word, it was challenging not knowing much in the bible, shyness, young but now with little experience in school and church am building up. and need people to help me develop myself to able to spread Gods word.
    Owusu Foster foss47@yahoo.com
    233546813069 Ghana


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