Which iPad Should You Buy?

So you’re in the market for an iPad? Good on you. You deserve it.

Well, I’ve had a few of people asking me recently which model they should buy… iPad 1 or 2? What size? 3G of Wifi? So here’s the deal…

When choosing an iPad there are basically three variables you want to consider: Storage capacity (16GB or 32GB), model no (iPad 1 or 2), and connectivity (3G & Wifi or Wifi only).

Lets address these one at a time.

1) Storage capacity (16GB or 32GB?)

Personally for me the size of the hard drive is not a critical factor. The things that take up the most space are videos, photos and music. I like to store a lot of video and photos on my iPad, but find that I rarely if ever use it for music (I use my iPhone for that).  And so, even with loads of photos and movies, I find 16GB is more than enough space if your’e trying to save some bucks.

2) Model (iPad 1 or 2?)

To be honest there is not a massive difference between the original iPad and the iPad 2. Mainly processor speed (only really critical if you play games), two cameras (again, I prefer to use my iPhone as my camera), and the iPad 2 is significantly slimmer.

Having said that, I would still suggest forking out a bit more for the Pad 2.

For me, it is always worth getting the latest model if it is available because at the rate things are moving these days very soon the iPad 3 will be out, making the iPad 1 look like an Ark, and I’ve noticed more and more apps in the App Store are only compatible with the iPad 2+ (It’s also Apple’s sneaky way of making you buy new hardware every few years!)

If you do decide to go for the iPad 2, I would highly recommend getting a Smart Cover (see picture). It is an ingenious little accessory to the iPad 2 that is well worth it.

3) Connectivity (3G & Wifi or Wifi only?)

This is the most important and determining factor in choosing an iPad model. In my mind, if you live in South Africa, you must get a Wifi and 3G model!

The iPad is at it’s best when you are connected to the internet, and in South Africa, Wifi is still not that common everywhere, and if it is, it’s expensive. 3G will allow you to connect anywhere and everywhere and the 3G data packages are reasonably priced and getting cheaper. Sure Wifi is getting more and more common, but the last thing you want is to rock up at a coffee shop ready to do some work on your iPad and you can’t check your email!

Spend the extra and go 3G!

Well, I hope that helps you make the right decision. I’m sure you’re gonna love your new toy!

2 Replies to “Which iPad Should You Buy?”

  1. Good and helpful post. When I bought my iPad2, I chose 3G because, as a teacher, much content is blocked by my school district. Occasionally want to show my students something which is perfectly unobjectionable but still blocked by the filter. Having 3G takes care of that problem, and lets me provide a richer classroom experience for my students,


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