How To “Create Space” in Your Life & Others…

According to the narrative of Genesis, the first act of creation that God undertook was to “make space”. In fact, that is the most fundamental act of Creation – to CREATE SPACE FOR LIFE!

It’s what God does. He makes space for you and I to have life, and life in all its fullness. And I believe today, whenever you see people making space for others to live, God is in the midst of that!

The opposite, of course, is to destroy room for life, and that’s what evil is. If you want to know if something is evil, ask yourself, “Does it create room for life, or destroy it?” That’s why gross violations of human rights like apartheid or genocide are so evil – because it takes away room for life.

As followers of Christ, and as human beings, we are called to make room and space for God, for others, and for ourselves. To show tolerance, mercy, and grace to those who are not like us. In this way we reflect the One whose image we bear, and we invite life and light into a dark and broken world.


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