Inception Part 2: Telling the Difference Between Lies & Truth

In my last blog post we looked at the film “Inception” and we spoke about how ideas can grow to either define us or to destroy us.

Now if you haven’t seen Inception yet, the basic idea behind the movie is that it is possible to enter the dreams of another person in order to plant an idea in their subconscious. BUT, in order to accomplish this “inception” in such a way that the dreamer accepts the idea as their own they have to go 3 levels deep into the dream world… i.e. a dream within a dream within a dream.

And this is where it gets complicated.

You see the deeper into the dream world they go, the easier it becomes to lose touch with what is real and what is a dream.

Similarly for us, when it comes to our thoughts and beliefs, it’s not always easy to tell the difference between that which will destroy you and that which will make you stronger. Between that which is a lie and that which is truth. Between the “dream” and the “reality”.

And as humans we have an incredible ability to deceive ourselves and see what we want to see.

In the film, to counter this, each person carries their own “TOTEM”. A small, potentially heavy object – something that has weight and balance and movement that you are familiar with that you can handle and feel. So that when you examine it, you know beyond a doubt, that you are not dreaming…

And I just love the idea of a totem.

Some kind of objective reality outside of one’s own subjective experience. Outside of our emotions or feelings (which can trick us). An Anchor to what is TRULY TRUE, rather than what is made-up or dreamed.

I think in this post-modern world where everything is subjective – in a world that says “truth is relative – it’s what you make it to be” – some sort of anchor like this is so important for us. It helps us to stay grounded to God’s reality – to His truth.

For the Christ-follower our “totems” are the Word of God, His Spirit, and the Cross.

When we look at these things, everything is put into perspective. Whenever things get messy. When we loose touch with what is truth and what is a lie. When what we feel and what we know don’t always align. Then we must look to these “totems”…

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