Waiting On Our World To Change…

I’ve been told that patience is a virtue. Just not one that I have

In fact, I’ve never been much for waiting. According to my strengths on StrengthsFinder I am an “Activist” by nature. An activist is someone who asks, “When can we start?” We are impatient for action and believe that while debate and discussion is valuable, when it comes down to it, only action is real. Only action can make things happen. Only action leads to performance.

The problem with us “Activators” is that we tend to have the mentality of “shoot first, aim later”, and sometimes our action can get us into trouble.

This is me to a tee!

Jess likes to say that I “put my ladder up and start climbing before I’ve even checked whether it’s up against the right wall!”

And so… right now, waiting for our first child to arrive, who is already 4 days late, is proving to be somewhat of a challenge for me. I am so excited and so keen to be a dad, that I just want this little girl/boy to arrive so I can meet him/her!


I also know that there is great value in the waiting. And that it is often in the waiting that we learn the most about ourselves and about our God.

Have you ever had to wait for something you wanted really bad?

6 Replies to “Waiting On Our World To Change…”

  1. I’ve been in the same situation! My first baby was a week late. Hitting 30 weeks was bad enough, I just wanted to have that baby then and there! But then 35 weeks… 37 (officially “full term”)… 40 weeks, my due date… they all rolled by with no sign of arrival!! To say I was getting antsy is an understatement. However, patience pays off in the end. 🙂


  2. Hi bud really intersted in purchasing this book had a look at the site but which of the two would you say would be more applicable to me an my position?
    StrengthsFinder 2.0 or
    Strengths Based Leadership



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