10 Differences Between BEING Rich and GETTING Rich

Recently did a series at church called “How to Be Rich” inspired by Andy Stanley, and am also reading a book by Tim Ferris called the “4-Hour Work Week“. Here are some things I am learning about the difference between getting rich and being rich:


Get Rich Mindset: Compare “up” in your finances. Always be aware of that which you don’t have.

Be Rich Mindset: Realise you ARE in fact rich and be grateful for what you do have. (If you earn over R15 000/month you are in the top 10% of the world’s richest people!) www.globalrichlist.com


Get Rich Mindset: Earn enough so that you can buy all the things you want.

Be Rich Mindset: Earn enough so that you can do the things you want to do, and be all the things you want to be. If this includes some tools and gadgets, so be it, but they are either means to an end or bonuses, not the focus. The great thing about getting older is not getting all the things you want, it’s realising you don’t need them.


Get Rich Mindset: Work for yourself.

Be Rich Mindset: Have others work for you and with you.


Get Rich Mindset: Retire early or young.

Be Rich Mindset: Distribute recovery periods and adventures (mini-retirements) throughout life on a regular basis and recognize that inactivity is not the goal. Doing that which makes you come alive, excites you, and serves others, is.


Get Rich Mindset: Make a lot of money so that one day you can be generous.

Be Rich Mindset: Realise that generosity starts now and is irrespective of amounts. (In fact a recent study has shown that those with more tend to give less!)


Get Rich Mindset: Mine, mine, mine.

Be Rich mindset: Understand ultimately everything belong to God in the first place.


Get Rich Mindset: Be the boss instead of the employee – be in charge.

Be Rich Mindset: Be neither the boss nor the employee, but the owner. Own your place, your passion and your purpose.


Get Rich Mindset: Make a ton of money.

Be Rich mindset: Make money with specific reasons and defined dreams to chase, timelines and steps included. What are you working for? Does your life have a purpose? Are you contributing to something bigger and greater than your own existence and happiness?


Get Rich Mindset: Have more.

Be Rich Mindset: Have more quality and less clutter.


Get Rich Mindset: Stop doing what  you dislike.

Be Rich Mindset: Work towards having freedom from doing that which you dislike (understand that every job has it’s down sides), but also the freedom and resolve to pursue your dreams. The goal is not to simply eliminate the bad, which does nothing more than leave you with a vacuum, but to pursue and experience the best that God has in store for you.

One Reply to “10 Differences Between BEING Rich and GETTING Rich”

  1. Wise words! Living a value-driven life is what this sounds like to me, Tom. Holding values at the centre of your thinking will definitely help during the crazy, busy decade of one’s thirties – starting a family, owning property, pushing in one’s career – it’s really easy to miss things and have regrets when you get to the fifties.


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