Savoury Thoughts

To “savour” something is to relish it. To “appreciate or enjoy something deeply and completely, especially by dwelling on it.”

For example, we can savour a meal or a good glass of wine. Drinking in the flavours, delighting in each sip, taking pleasure in each delicious mouthful.

I’m a useless “savourer”. For those of you who have shared a meal with me, you will know that I generally inhale my food. There is no enjoying of the process. I basically have one goal in mind – get the food as quick as possible from the plate into my belly!

It’s a really bad habit, I know.

And I think sometimes I approach life with the same mentality. See the problem – fix the problem. Have a job to do – do it. See something beautiful – take a photo, catch it and store it.

The other day I was surfing in the late afternoon. It was one of those perfect days -glassy, smooth conditions, just a few guys out, warm water. Then as the sun set over the hills behind me, the sky over the sea began to light up with the most spectacular fluorescent pinks and oranges. Probably one of the most breathtaking sunsets I think I have ever seen. My initial thought was to get out the water, grab my phone and take a photo, but I distinctly felt God say to me, “Just enjoy it Tom. You don’t need a photo of it, you don’t even have to remember it, but just savour it for what it is.”

And it really struck me. There are certain moments in life – sacred moments – that are simply gifts for us to enjoy. We may not capture them on film, and they may not even last in our fading memories, but when they come, we must learn to savour them…

What “savoury” moments did you miss today?

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