Rolling with the Punches

Working at a church I deal with a lot of different people.

Happy people. Sad people. Angry people. Grateful people. Confused people. Loving people. Not-so-loving people. Selfish people. Unselfish people. Complicated people. Uncomplicated people. And everyone in between.

But one thing remains constant. Every single one of those people have taken a few punches along the way.

In fact, I have not met a single human being over the age of 25 who has had a free ride. We may look around at other people and envy their lives – their seemingly uncomplicated and effortless lives, but scratch a little under the surface and the truth is that every single one of us have taken some hits and have the scars to prove it.

Of course some more than others – but it’s all relative. No matter how big or how small the challenge you face is compared to other people’s problems, it is very real for you all the same. I think whether or not we have trials is not the issue. It’s how we respond to those trials that makes all the difference.

We can become bitter or we can become better.

We can compare ourselves to others, choose to become victims and wallow in our own self-pity, or we can take ownership of our parts to play, and seek help from others around us. We can choose to blame and resent, or we can forgive those who have wronged us, and lean into the God who took the biggest hit of all so that we might not walk this alone.

My wife and I are expecting our first-born child in 6 weeks time, and of course everyone has their own piece of advice. Some tell us how hard it’s going to be and how our life is officially over. Other’s stress the incredible joy a new baby brings. The truth is that nothing – no advice or words of wisdom – could ever prepare us for what is about to happen.

And so we are left to take things as they come, trust God in everything, and then simply roll with the punches (may they be few!).

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