Baby City is a Scary Place

 Oh my word. A whole new world!

Jess and I had our first pre-natal class the other night and I learnt a new word – “layette”. The dictionary defines layette as “a set of clothing, linens, and sometimes toiletries for a newborn child.”

Well, it seems Baby City has taken that meaning to a whole new level! I had no idea there were so many little gadgets and gizmos and lotions and pumps and creams and sprays and stuff. All for a single little human being. I really am learning so much these days!

But it does make you wonder.

For thousands of years women have been having babies and raising healthy children without all this stuff that we are told is “essential”. For thousands of years civilisation has managed to survive and thrive without the “JollyBaby Activity Chime Ball” or the “Pampers PlayGym Adventure Set”. For thousands of years advances in science and mathematics have continued despite the lack of “colourful fabrics and remote-controlled toys designed to stimulate baby’s senses”.

It truly is a wonder how this happened.

And yet, despite knowing all this, I am so excited for our new arrival in 8 weeks time (and so petrified that I have no idea what I am doing) that I of course am going straight to Baby City to by all these “essentials”.

And Baby City, you will continue to sell to naive and unsuspecting parents a whole bunch of stuff I’m pretty sure we really don’t need.

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