My Take On The Royal Wedding


I’ve been totally caught off guard by this whole Royal Wedding thing.

I’m not violently against all the fan fare, as are some, just surprised really. It’s like the whole world has shut down to watch. In fact I heard that one third of the worlds population are watching this wedding as we speak! THAT’S 2 BILLION PEOPLE! Crazy stuff…

I guess it makes sense. People love tradition, people love weddings, and this truly is a historical event.

My only qualm is I just wish it was a bit more real – more authentic. You can see William and Kate keep sneaking smiles between each other, but it’s reserved, measured, as if they are following some sort of protocol or procedure that’s been dictated to them.

Such beautiful hymns and amazing verses of scripture being read to millions, and yet all done in such a regimented and stylized manner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against structure and tradition, but surely it needs to be relevant to how people actually live and speak and interact in today’s world?

Just imagine the impact this wedding could have on people if the messages and readings were related in ways that made sense to the common man. Or maybe I’ve missed something…

If this was your “Royal Wedding”, how would you do it?

3 Replies to “My Take On The Royal Wedding”

  1. It was just a boy marrying a girl!! But with the eyes of the world watching….you too would glanced at your bride in a measured sort of way…. watching your every move… not easy or relaxed, so sit back, watch, enjoy. Wish them well, wish them joy and lots of babies!! That’s the next step for them according to those watching….. no pressure!


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