Why GoPro Cameras Are Awesome!

Everyone knows that people love to talk about themselves.

But that’s only part of it.

Not only do we enjoy speaking about ourselves, we enjoy watching ourselves too!

That is why GoPro cameras are so awesome. The GoPro, which Gizmodo describes as “the world’s best sports camera ever”, is a wearable HD camera that sits inside a special housing designed for sports.

So… say goodbye to hours of boring footage of your friends and family without you in it. No longer will you have to beg your wife to stand on the pier in the early hours of the morning to film you surfing. No more cheesy selfies with the double chin (see above). Simply strap this ingenious little device onto your helmet, surfboard, skateboard, bicycle, or just about anything, and enjoy hours of HD quality footage of your-truly.

Even underwater (it is a well-known fact that you look good underwater).

Hell, I say invite your friends over, plug it in to the flatscreen, and wow your guests with blow-by-blow, wave-by-wave, jump-by-jump commentary of your latest adventures!

Seriously though, GoPro’s are ridiculously cool. I want one really bad.

Check out this video if your still not convinced…

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