Turn Your Excuse Into A Reason

Recently I’ve been making a lot of excuses to myself.

Reasons not to exercise, or eat healthy, or spend time in prayer.

And it’s mainly because things have been so crazy lately. As I mentioned in a previous blog, we’re in the midst of renovations at home (never again!), preparing for a baby, along with a busy season at work – not to mention all the other little things that cry out for our attention in this life.

And so I’ve taken the role of the victim.

I say things to myself like, “When work calms down, then I’ll get round to exercising again” or “When the renovations are over, then I’ll have time to do the things I want to do.”

But it is a lie I tell myself. An excuse.

I have always held to the belief that there are certain things in life that empty your “bucket” and there are other things that fill it up. The things that fill me up are:

spending quality time with family and friends,
and spending time in communion with God.

And yet when my world gets busy, those things that I know fill me up are often the first things to go! And so I wake up feeling drained and “empty” and wonder why. It’s simple physics really – if you are leaking life and not replacing it, eventually there will be nothing left.

And so, I’ve decided to turn my excuses into reasons. When life gets busy, instead of using it as an excuse “not to”, I’m going to use it as a reason “to”.

Instead of saying things like, “I’m too busy to go to small group this week”, I’m going to say, “Because I’m so busy I must make sure I make small group this week.” Instead of saying, “I’m so tired. There’s too much going on.” I’m going to say, “There’s so much going on. I better make sure I do the things I know will give me more energy!” and be intentional about planning them into my day-to-day.

And so what excuses are you going to turn into reasons this week?

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One Reply to “Turn Your Excuse Into A Reason”

  1. I like your reasoning. My excuse that I could turn into a reason would be “I slept badly last night, so I’m not going to do my early morning exercises (stretching and pilates”). Still thinking of how that can be a reason 🙂 Let’s see if I get it right.


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