[Insert Catchy Blog Title Here]

cheesy photo from stock photo website of happy smiling couple doing happy things

[First, insert funny/controversial/shocking statement to grab readers attention]

[Now tell a funny anecdote or personal story to endear readers to you the writer]

[Next ask a relevant question related to above mentioned story/anecdote]

[Segway from question into main content ie. what you really want to talk about]

[Give two or three relevant and practical applications for readers]

[End blog post with a hard-hitting/thought-provoking question]

There you have it – the formula for a successful blog post! Designed to ensure increased traffic to your blog, and satisfied readers at the end of the day, right?

Yes and no.

Formulas are great. We use them to sell products, attract clients, improve our health, maintain our relationships, and even help people grow spiritually. We devise 7 habits for highly effective people (one of my best books by the way), 21 irrefutable laws of leadership, 5 languages of love and 101 ways to win friends and influence people.

And a lot of the time they are bang on the money. I guess that’s why they become formulas. Because they work.

But not always.

Sometimes life is just too complex and their are too many shades of grey to apply a formula and expect results. Sometimes life throws us random curve balls that we could never have anticipated or prepared for, and that blindside us on some idle Tuesday morning. Sometimes I guess we just have to figure things out on our own as we go.

And while that doesn’t always make for an easy life, it certainly makes for an interesting one!

And so, may you live your life beyond cliche formulas and prescriptions. May you embrace your existence with all it’s uncertainty and mystery, and may your life not be easy, but interesting!

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