Unforced Rhythms

I’ve recently taken up surf-ski paddling. And I love it! I love being out on the ocean, riding the swells, and looking back over the skyscape of the city I call home. The problem is I’m pretty useless as a paddler. Initially I thought it was all about upper body strength. But I quickly learnt that it’s not about strength at all – it’s about rhythm.

I think spirituality is a bit like that too. It’s not about strength – trying harder to be a better person through sheer willpower – but more about rhythm.

Rob Bell says, “When I think of God, I hear a song.”

It’s a song about love, peace, grace and hope. It’s a song that’s playing all around us all the time, and everyone is playing the song. In fact, the question isn’t whether we are playing the song or not, but rather “are we in tune?”

I’ve met many Christians who claim to know God, and yet seem so out of tune, and I’ve met many people who know nothing about Christianity and yet seem completely in tune with God’s song. Why is that?

You see, when it comes to rhythm, it helps to have knowledge about music. It helps you to appreciate the little nuances and complexities that make up the song, but you can still be way out of tune. On the other hand, you can know nothing about notes and keys and still sing in perfect harmony.

Jesus says it this way: Walk with me and learn the “unforced rhythms of grace”.  He says, the closer we get to God, the more in step we are with His song.

Are you still trying to use your own strength to “force” spirituality? Or are you learning God’s “unforced rhythms”, tapping your feet to His beat?

Inspiration for this blog came from Rob Bell’s NOOMA DVD “Rhythm”.

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One Reply to “Unforced Rhythms”

  1. Love the skyline!
    Love the analogy of music and rhythm!
    Recently been thinking of my relationship with God as a dance. Connected, moving in rhythm, very aware of His movements in my heart and my life, responsive – the list goes on.


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