The Amazing Thing About Uncertainty

The other day I was reading a real-life exodus story. About a community of people who escaped great hardship and suffering and built for themselves a new life. Things were going great, but eventually new challenges began to arise, and their future became uncertain. And this is where it gets weird. Even though the new challenges and problems they had to overcome were minor in comparison to what they had suffered before, almost all of the people wanted to go back.

And I thought to myself, it’s funny characteristic of us humans that sometimes we would rather go back to what we know, even if what we know is horrendous, then face the possibility of great joy that’s uncertain. In other words, we would rather be unhappy somwhere we know, than happy somewhere unfamiliar. Isn’t that crazy?

Some of us have made plans for 2011. And if we’re honest they’re not God’s plans – they’re ours – and they’re not very good. But the truth is we would rather hold on to the bad plans we know and can control, then follow God’s great plans for us that we have no control over.

And so we miss out.

Embrace uncertainty. It may just be the most amazing thing you’ll ever do.

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5 Replies to “The Amazing Thing About Uncertainty”

  1. Look forward, stick at it and hold on! Life is full of adventure if we are willing to trust God with the everyday ordinary stuff making space for the life changing radical extraordinary… looking forward to 2011 and the adventures He has in store!


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