Writer’s Blog

I am a maven by nature. I love gathering, collecting and sharing information. I love reading blogs. I follow a number of writers, authors, pastors and leaders, all of whom have blessed me incredibly through their personal blogs. I myself have tried numerous times to set up my own personal blog space. A space to wrestle with myself really. A place where I can jot down the unfiltered and wandering thoughts bouncing around in my often confused skull…

But I just can’t seem to get it going. Every time I do, I sit back and look at the pretty pictures and well laid-out design devoid of any actual writing and then just when I am about to put the proverbial pen to paper I stop and wonder… why? Who is going to read this anyway? Is it worth the effort? And that’s when i just throw it in.

But alas, here I go again. This may be the first of many blog posts, or it may just be another epic fail…

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